I think one of the most humbling traits is to fail repeatedly.


Think about it for a moment. You had your heart set on something, or maybe even someone, but no matter how much effort you put into it, you never got what you wanted. Or maybe you did and then you learned a valuable lesson on regret. I’ll discuss that topic some other day.


What lessons did you learn from it?


I’m not sure I could count or even remember the number of times I’ve thought about doing something and jumped right in thinking I could do it too. Time and again my hopes and dreams were dashed upon the rocks like the boat I built that was dashed upon the rocks. Here’s a few though to give you an idea.


  • Mower repair business ( failed )
  • Home brewed alcohol ( tasted terrible )
  • Raising goats ( not what I expected )
  • Candle making (couldn’t turn a profit )
  • Soap making ( can’t turn a profit on this either )
  • Kindle Author ( Don’t even ask )
  • Junkyard owner ( I was a kid with this idea )


While I have tried everything on that list but owning a junkyard, I have also failed at being successful at any of it. I say again, I HAVE FAILED. But I don’t feel much shame in saying that because I have also not given up. While the next big idea hasn’t hit me yet, something will come along and I’ll be pretty good at it. I don’t know what yet though.



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