So I got a job interview for in the morning. I decided that I just couldn’t do Uber full time and make enough to justify it. So back into the Glamorous world of pizza delivery I go while I attempt to get my life back on track.

Pizza delivery? Yep.

Not the greatest of professions by and far, but it is enough for the moment to help me with what I need to do. You get out there and you do what you need to do until life stops handing you lemons and starts handing you lemon cookies. That’s not my motto, but it might be a pretty decent one if someone wanted to pick that up. No charge of course.

I’ve known people, and some of you might know people like them, who wouldn’t get a job for any reason. Not those who are truly disabled, but those who are truly lazy. I couldn’t be like that. I’ve always tried to work, even if that work never payed much. I get a small sense of satisfaction in knowing people like me help make this world work, even if it is only a bit part.

You get out there and do what you do, and never let anyone tell you that it doesn’t matter.