Sometimes you get really great advice from people. They’ll tell you things such as “Don’t do drugs.” and “You should go to the hospital. That looks really bad.”

Other times people will tell you to do drugs and don’t bother going to the hospital because it will maybe eventually stop bleeding. ( Hint: These are the ones you should not listen to. )

So I remember when I was younger someone told me “If you can’t be responsible enough to care for a pet, you shouldn’t get one.” These are without a doubt wise words and some that I still refer to today.

I am irresponsible. I have a tendency to forget what I am doing all the time. Because of this, when I cook I have to stay in the kitchen. I can’t be trusted to walk away at any point and time without burning down the house. Yes, I am that bad. When it comes to animal care, I believe I would be the same way.

That’s why I own fish.

I have 12 goldfish and 1 plecostomus. Let’s be serious here. They live in the water so I don’t have to worry about that very often. They also tend to scrounge around the bottom of the aquarium in between feedings so they got that going for them. I change out the filters on occasion even though they really don’t even need that. They are a perfect pet choice for children and the mentally challenged such as myself.

Animals such as cats and dogs usually require attention and loving care. Dogs are more prone to this need than cats because cats want what they want when they want it. Fish on the other hand do not need human affection and would really, really, prefer you not pick them up and pet them.

Now you can go overboard and get some crazy fancy saltwater aquarium filled with exotic ocean creatures from far away. The cost for these setups can be astronomical and the maintenance is never ending. Sure they are amazing to look at and everyone will be impressed. But that’s all in a matter of personal choices.

For me? I’ll just sit here and stare at my tank of goldfish until I fall asleep. Unlike cats, they aren’t plotting my demise.