OK. So I vape. It’s one of my bad habits and I freely admit to it. In life we all need a few bad habits to placate our desires. I’ve seen people go nuts trying to eliminate everything bad in their lives all in one go around only to end up right back where they started.

So why vaping?

Well I used to smoke. Many, many, years ago and I successfully kicked that habit 100%. Then one day, something really bad happened to me and it was devastating. I started back to smoking to placate my nerves. When extremely stressed, some people may return to doing things they used to do in a simpler time.

I smoked 2 packs before realizing what I was doing and immediately switched over to E-cigs. I started off with the ones that looked like cigarettes. They worked well enough to keep me from lighting up anymore. I just had a habit of sometimes holding them in my mouth while doing other things with my hands. This backfired one day when I sneezed with it in my mouth and broke 2 teeth from the impact. OUCH!

Afterwards, I started going to other vaping devices, upgrading as I went along. I spend maybe $15 a week at most on fluids. The kit I now have cost me $60. It’s not that expensive really if you aren’t walking around pretending to be a human fog machine.

I purchase everything from a local shop that makes their own juice. They know me by now and I remain a loyal customer.

Shout out to Liquid Smoke in Cartersville Ga.

If you smoke, now is the time to start hitting your local vape store and switch to a cleaner healthier habit. It’s still a bad habit, but it’s better than smoking any day.