So I mentioned a diet I had developed for myself. I guess now is as good a time as any to talk about it. First off let me remind you that diets vary from person to person as do the results that they get from them.

Let me start with some information about myself. I started off at 377 pounds. That’s 177 kilograms or even 6,032 ounces. That’s an insane amount for 1 single person to weigh in at. The more weight I gained, the more sedentary I became and it just kept adding up. I have knee problems, back problems, and depression problems. Some people solve depression with comfort foods of course and I had my fair share.

I watch documentaries also. One night before bed I loaded up Netflix and found a show I had never seen.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead


It was moving and powerful. I realized that this movie was literally speaking to me. “Hey Allen! Time to make a change.”

Like many others, I bought a juicer the next day. I had to choose an inexpensive model since I didn’t have much money available.

BLACK & DECKER  400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor


Let me start off by saying this will do the job, but it does have some drawbacks. The feeding tube is small, so you will have to do some prep work and cut your veggies and fruits down to fit inside. Once they do fit, it makes short work of of your chosen foods and grinds them down, which leads to the next problem. Your pulp will still have some juice remaining. To solve this I add about 1 – 2 cups of water to the pulp hopper and stir it up. This wet pulp I spoon back to the feed tube and finish extracting the juice. This second go round leaves a damp mash that is great to toss out to chickens or other animals that would feed on it.

Now I had my juicer and I needed fruits and veggies that would be great. I decided to experiment at first with various items to see what I would and would not like.

  • Carrots – Great taste and affordable as well.
  • Celery – Makes a decent amount of juice. Taste is so so
  • Cucumber – Massive amounts of Juice. Not thrilled about the taste
  • Beets – I had never liked the smell, but it makes a decent amount of juice and the juice is extremely sweet. Tastes great actually.
  • Radishes – Not much juice. Not a fan of the taste.
  • Green peppers – Hated the taste. Not much juice
  • Apples – Sweetens the drink and has decent taste. OK amounts of juice

See what I did there? I experimented around with what I might like. I didn’t go with what I was advised to drink, but what I would actually drink. If you follow what everyone else is drinking and you hate it, you will be less likely to follow up and hold to it.

Another recommendation I would give is to juice up about 2 quarts and then refrigerate whatever you aren’t about to drink then. This will save you some time and effort from preparation and cleaning. The machine above that I purchased isn’t hard to clean or anything, Just I’d rather not do it multiple times a day.

So now you have the machine, the juice, and the goal. Now is the time to tell you that you’re going to regret it. I say that because for the better part of the week I felt like I had been beaten severely and constantly. I felt sick and miserable. Headaches and body aches were near constant. I’m rather thankful I didn’t go to work for most of the week. My body was demanding foods that I no longer gave it. Breads, doughnuts, processed meats, cookies, and other assorted bad things. I sighed and refused them all.

Deep down I knew that a time would come when I would give in, and eat something I wasn’t supposed to. I decided that once a week I would have a day where I would eat whatever I wanted without regrets. Sure enough I made it to one week of dieting and on my cheat day I had pizza. But I noticed now that I felt satisfied from 1 single slice and completely full off 2 slices. My stomach had began to shrink down and I no longer craved slamming massive amounts of food down my throat.

Within weeks I had dropped nearly 25 pounds. I felt better than I had in quite awhile.

So here is everything in short.

  1.  Drink only self made juices.
  2.  Don’t eat bad stuff if you can avoid it.
  3.  Drink Plenty of water.
  4.  Have a cheat day.
  5.  If you fall off the diet, get back on it when you are ready.

It works wonders. I’ll post more results in time.