I’ve mentioned before I am not really responsible enough to own pets. Kids are another thing entirely I suppose and I currently have 2 of them I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Another thing I should mention is I am not a religious person. I’m not an atheist, nor am I part of any spirituality. That’s not something I want to change any time soon either. I do however respect that some people have religion and I’m not one to down their beliefs as long as it doesn’t really affect me.

No surprise that both kids wanted to attend vacation bible school at the local church my brother attends. I know some of the people there and they are good folks. I told my kids that I would be happy to take them. It’s lots of fun and activities and stuff.

When I got there I was appalled at what I saw.

Several parents had simply dropped off their children and left. Not into the parking lot or anything, but they left the property entirely. It was as if they could use this for some sort of free babysitting service. Instead of being there with their kids and taking time to make sure everything went smoothly, they left them there.

Here I am, someone who isn’t into religion, was willing to sit through church services and bible themed activities. I made sure my children behaved themselves and even assisted when I could.

My daughter is 9, almost 10, and would have been fine if left. My son is only 6 though and needs assistance sometimes. He’s not a bad kid or anything, just he needs help from time to time.

When I asked my brother about it, he said “Yeah parents do that. Last year some woman dropped her son off and said “Good luck.” He was one of the most ill mannered kids I had ever seen.”

I had kids. As an adult I need to accept responsibility for my actions. I’ll sit with my kids through church, even if I don’t want to. I wish these other parents would as well.