Wow, have I been busy. Work, sleep, life in general, seems to be taking up more of my spare time than I really prefer. I’m still going to write here when I can though. I have information and stories to share with the world.

I’m also thinking of moving my hosting outside of WordPress. Not that I have anything against WordPress, just that I need more options than they are willing to give me. Any changes like that are quite a ways off though. I would like to make them in around 3 – 4 months time, but it may be sooner.

One change I’m making behind the scenes is using Google Webmaster Tools. An interesting little program google uses to help me index my site on their search engines. Once my page begins to start showing up more there, I’ll have to start working on optimization. Getting your website noticed take alot more than just plastering letters on the screen.

These are just some of the things happening. Hope you all have a great day.