So while I did enjoy posting, I stepped back to look at the bigger picture. Where was I going with this page? Reaffirmed in what I had planned, I branched out into 2 possibilities. One would involve my personal life. Simple writings on my opinions and such, the other would involve my weight loss journey and delve into healthier lifestyles.

Given the content of my past posts, the healthier options always garnered more attention. I suppose many people wish to have healthier lives, and my personal posts were barely noticed. Fair enough.

What also is shocking to me, is that Google webmaster tools is taking too long to index and list my page. While I have gotten extremely little traffic from search engines, I had expected to see at least somewhat better results. The biggest problem I face here is WordPress is very limited in the ability to optimize content. I know when I move hosting servers, I’ll need to go through the entire blog and re-optimize all content within.

So what will I move? Probably the weight loss journey. I want it to be seen to help others who also might be struggling. I’ll Build it to a real website with information, tools, and a host of other stuff. I can just write about myself on any other blog. Most likely it will be through WordPress also.