Here’s a life pro-tip for you. How to avoid more stupid shit.

When someone shares something that says “How many likes can this person get?” or the old chestnut “1 like equals 1 prayer.” you need to avoid it. DO NOT LIKE IT. Don’t share it. Ignore it. You aren’t heartless, and you know that. People who like and share those pages often times find themselves subjected to ads for all sorts of things.

Why? Because those very same prayer chain pages are sold to advertisers. Most likely click bait pages.

Speaking of click bait. You can recognize those by the crazy picture and a caption of something like “You won’t believe what doctors found!” or an amazing photo with a caption like “New ways to lose weight has fitness experts on edge!”.

Don’t bother. It’s either a cleverly disguised ad or a website full of ads that makes you click “NEXT PAGE” 30 times and never shows you the reason you came there.

The internet has been around for quite awhile now. We should all know better than to keep falling for these tricks. We should know we won’t see what we wanted on the other end and they know they don’t actually have to give us good content. They haven’t actually established the internet police yet.

Don’t be stupid, and don’t feed into this click bait crap. your friends will thank you.