As I grew up I was told I could be anything I wanted.

That was the biggest lie I was ever told.

The day you are born you are limited. You’re life is summed up by the status of your family, you’re own mind, as well as your body. That’s not to say people haven’t overcome adversity, because many times they have.

What I’m saying is that there are barriers put in place that no one speaks of. These barriers are placed by our own elected leaders, behind closed doors, and payed for by corporate interests. These barriers slowly erode away our rights, while allowing others the freedom to do as they please.

By now you may think I’m going to lead to some nut job facts and figures and you’re moving that mouse pointer towards the X to close out the window. Maybe?

Think about this though. If you wanted to start a business, what would you need? Business licenses, inspections, permits, and then you’re on the hook to start paying taxes in a complicated tax system. The cost is staggering from the start and creates a barrier to those with no start up money or financial investors.

50 years ago, all you needed was an idea and a little bit of money. Your business succeeded by the sweat of your brow, not by governing bodies. From there you could grow large or stay small. The world became yours.

Now what do we have? Here’s an example.

A local diner wants to start serving rabbit meat. You have rabbits. Can you sell them to the dining establishment? The answer is yes, but only after you go through a lengthy legal process, pay for USDA health inspections, and then get the needed forms and paperwork.

Of course, they can make it easier and just import the meat from a foreign market. After all, foreign countries don’t go through the same process, leading to cheaper prices. That’s why alot of beef products come from South America.

Want another fun example?

Maybe you want to share your favorite music. It could even be classical music performed by symphonies from the 30’s and 40’s. can you broadcast it over an AM or FM station that isn’t used in your area?

No. Even if you have the equipment to broadcast within a few miles, you would need hundreds of thousands of dollars to start up, and permission from the FCC. It doesn’t matter what you want to send out over the air waves.

Feel free to browse around on your own. The internet is full of aspiring entrepreneurs who are simply unable to reach their dreams. Instead they are forced to slog on in their deadend jobs, until the day they die.