That’s a simple statement. Healthcare Sucks.

For some, there’s no problem. Get sick, go to doctor, get better.

For millions of people like myself, I have one solution. Get better, or die.

Yes that’s what I said and I mean it. I have no insurance and I cannot afford health insurance. I am just barely scraping by week to week. As I write this, I have a sinus infection and have no hope of getting any medication to alleviate it except over the counter products.

The hospitals are no longer viable options for those who are unable to afford coverage. Recently I was sued for the amount of $1,500 by a local hospital for not paying the bill. The reason I didn’t pay? They did nothing to help me other than accuse me of trying to get pain killers.

When did everything go to hell?

The U.S. is supposed to be one of the greatest countries on earth, yet we have people dying on the streets because they cannot afford much needed medical care.

There’s several solutions to alleviate the problem, but nothing ever gets done. want some?

  1. Cut military spending to pay for more medical centers
  2. Stop throwing medicaid at private practices
  3. Less litigation to medical providers
  4. More affordable medical schooling
  5. Create a mixture of public and private healthcare

Why some of that is just insane right?!

No. Seriously. We spend more money on bombs than anywhere else in the world, just to kill people we never met. Millions of dollars just to kill 1 person in a tent in a desert in the middle of nowhere. But we let children die of curable diseases.

Private practices are run as businesses. They want you to get sick and spend money on treatments, not cures. They know they can’t sell medicine to the healthy.

Technology has allowed us to put spider silk into goat milk and harvest it. Look it up. They can splice DNA. How is it that they have made no progress into curing diseases? But they have made progress into treatments. Treatments which cost more than most people make in a year.

But you should be fine. Well, as long as your insurance doesn’t deny your coverage and force you into bankruptcy. Which might I add, doesn’t occur in most civilized countries.