Trump is president. What does that mean for America?

Nothing out of the ordinary. Seriously.

He’s brash, yes, but more importantly, he is distracting.While everyone fights and argues over presidential policies and politics, shady politicians ram legislation through. The media only covers what they are told.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it isn’t.

As long as the majority of the U.S. argues along the 2 party system lines, nothing good come out of it. What we need is competition. We need more political parties and we need them at the local level and then we need media that will boost those parties to the public eye.

The mainstream news outlets will cover republicans and democrats all day long. Even bad press is still free press. It reinforces the 2 party system. When was the last time you saw a green party candidate covered on CNN or Fox News?

Did you even know there is a Communist party?

When doing my taxes, I was offered a chance to donate some of the state refund (which I didn’t even get any of) to political organizations. The only choices offered were Republican or Democrat. No one else was represented.

A constant cycle has been formed. Only 2 parties are shown, and everyone else is forgotten. Those 2 parties, no matter who is elected, keep the media supported. Until we break free of this cycle, the current political system will remain stagnate.