Severe depression.

I lost track of everything. Who I was, and what I wanted.

Why come back?

Because I wanted to write and had nowhere else to go. What organization would even allow me to write articles without selling my soul? Probably none of them.

See I’d love to be able to write for a media outlet, but they have been pretty well compromised with agendas. Even reddit has been hijacked to anti-trump propaganda. No joke, go look for yourself.  They’ve set their main front page to left wing politics and suppressed right wing politics all in one fell swoop. Not that TheDonald didn’t earn such wrath, but it was really heavy handed on one side of the political spectrum.

You have arguments on politics, world events, social equality, health, wealth, and everything in between. There I am pointing out that a flood is coming, “We need to get in the boat!”, but I cannot shout loud enough for anyone to hear me.

So yeah, I’d love to write columns where I didn’t have to sell myself out.