While being somewhat sick, and hovering between getting better and dying of the plague, I find myself with time. While it would be moderately amusing to just write 100’s of articles detailing my various problems, that would be a bad idea. One must write only when the creativity flows or else risk stagnation.

Instead I spend my time playing Path of Exile. A fun game cast in the shadow of larger franchises such as Diablo. An action RPG if you will.

Basically you choose your class and point and click things until either they die or you die. Don’t want to die? then you better move around and plan your strategy accordingly. Sometimes even that isn’t enough.

What sets it out from its competition is that first and foremost it is FREE! yeah, it is free. The game is supported by micro-transactions, but none of them are for making you more powerful. just cosmetic and convenience upgrades. You’ll appreciate the extra tab space later on.

It also is more flexible on character creation. You can create a fire spell flinging barbarian or a sword wielding witch. Doesn’t matter what you want to do, the paths are there.

Does it have shortcomings? Sure.

You are gonna screw up your first character and resetting your stat points is nearly impossible or overly expensive. Some fun builds are ridiculously under powered while less fun ones are viable.

The learning curve is easy to start and stupid hard to master. Builds get complicated and what little commerce exists will leave most people scratching their heads in confusion.

The game in general is worth it though since it costs nothing to try. Give it a try and see how you like it.