Today I got these.

supergreens       essentialsource


Now I didn’t just purchase this randomly or haphazardly from some random fitness guy. See that dude on the cover. That is Dr. Joseph Esposito. He is also my chiropractor as well as a nationally syndicated radio talk show host.

I’ve been listening to his show for awhile, but I admit I haven’t followed much advice. It is my folly that I am a slacker among other things. But I did decide to start seeing him a few months back after my car accident.

The physical therapy and chiropractic care have done wonders for me.

I am getting off topic though.

My initial reaction to Dr. Joes Super Greens and Dr. Joes Essential Source.

I got it, came home and mixed it with almond milk. It was terrible. I can probably handle it with water ok, but it is for sure an acquired taste. It tastes like those little pellets I feed my algae eater.

The stuff is packed full of nutrition though. I’m going to stick with it for 30 days and see how I feel after. I’ve talked with people that swear by it that have no financial stake in the game and they seem to think it helps create a cornerstone of a better diet.