Some time ago, games were made complete. Back then, if you wanted a game, you went and got it and played it. There was an ending and then after that you either played it again or went to something else.

Not anymore. Some time ago, game makers started pushing out unfinished games and let the players “Beta test” the content. Along the way they would put in small patches to fix broken parts of the game.

OK…. well thank you. I would have preferred the game is prepped and polished ahead of time considering I paid you for the price of a brand new game.

Then some ass hat decided “Let’s hold back parts of the game and then later put it out as an expansion!”

And so they did. Now games come with DLC ( DownLoadable Content ) that they are wanting you to pay for.

Seriously? If I’m supposed to shell out $60 for a brand new unfinished game, do you also think I should pay another $20 for the ending to that game.

On another side of the spectrum, you have micro transactions. Games where you can grind out some of the most boring and ridiculous content in order to get just a bit further. or you could shell out a few dollars and get some super items.

I remember when you could play trial versions and decide whether you liked it or not. I don’t mind paying for games I like. Thanks game developers for ruining the fun.